Winter Decorating - Styling Your Home in that Awkward After-Christmas Period

Winter Decorating - Styling Your Home in that Awkward After-Christmas Period

Happy New Year! At least, that's what we want right? A happy "new" year, especially after the ups and downs of 2020. I know for many this has been a year of troubles and pain and my thoughts and prayers are with you. We aren't promised that 2021 will be better or that it will even arrive, but we have hope and with hope, we can survive and thrive.

For many, this week after Christmas is when all the decorations are put away and stored. Maybe you deep clean before New Year's. Maybe you de-clutter. Maybe you leave your decorations up all year and that is fine! You do you! My decorations came down on the 27th and I was very sad to see them go. I start decorating for the holidays in September so for a full 4 months, my house has been accessorized depending on the season. Looking around my rooms on the 28th left me feeling empty and bare. So what does a decorator do? They decorate!

Pinterest has great ideas for styling your home for winter and purchasing from Amazon won't break the bank. Add cable knit throws and seasonal pillow covers to your sofas and chairs. Trees and greenery are still allowed and are necessary, just leave off the red. Weathered wood, a few winter creatures and a great smelling candle will always set the scene. Check out the links below (they are sponsored, so if you click and buy, I make a small commission from the company but you pay nothing extra) and happy winter decorating!

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