Create a Safe Environment for Client Meetings With Home Office Updates and Technology

Create a Safe Environment for Client Meetings With Home Office Updates and Technology


According to the Small Business Administration, 60% of small businesses without staff are home-based. If you are trying to start your own business from home, you’ll need a plan to meet with customers or vendors from your home. As the world recovers from the pandemic, you should aim to create a safe and effective environment for in-person and virtual meetings.


Update Your HVAC System

For meetings that you want to have in your home, you’ll need to add some extra safety precautions, so everyone feels comfortable. A key part of safety against viruses and other pathogens is better ventilation. Update your HVAC with UV lights to purify the air.


Provide Plenty of Masks and Sanitizer

In your meeting space, you also want to make sure there are plenty of masks and bottles of hand sanitizer or a place to wash hands. This can help reduce the risk of spreading different illnesses, such as the flu or COVID-19.


Keep Windows Open

Another way you can make your home office space safer for meetings is to keep your windows open. If it’s not possible to open the windows, consider purchasing an air filter to help improve ventilation.


Stage Your Office for Space Considerations

It’s also a good idea to create a meeting space layout that helps people spread out. Position chairs and other types of seating at least six feet apart so meeting participants feel more comfortable. You may also consider creating an outdoor meeting space in your backyard for more space options.


Use an Automated Invoicing System

Instead of meeting in person, you may also decide to host more virtual events. To make this option work for you, consider streamlining your other business processes to be wholly automated and virtual. Set up an online automatic invoicing system to organize your invoicing and avoid unnecessary in-person contact. You can also use an online invoice generator to design invoices that fit your branding. Simply drag and drop to edit graphics, font styles, and other elements.


Collect Contactless Payments

Another way you can make your business model safer for everyone is to collect contactless payments. A contactless payment system works for customers who are virtual and clients who are located in your office. Contactless payment systems, such as tap to pay or an app, help avoid interactions where germs could be passed on.


Choose a Fast Broadband Service

To facilitate more virtual meetings, contactless payments, and automated invoicing systems, you’ll also need to make sure your broadband service is up to the task. Aim for at least 25 megabits per second so you can handle virtual meetings with your team.


Design a Professional Backdrop for Videoconferencing

When you hold a virtual meeting, you should also stage your office to look professional and inviting. Consider hiring a pro. Southern Diva Designs specializes in interior design services to make your office style reflect your business model and brand identity.


Upgrade Lighting for Virtual Meetings

Your home office’s lighting also matters for visibility and effectiveness when you have a video meeting. You’ll need at least one large room light that brightens the space and helps improve visibility for those on video. Add more accessory lights to help illuminate the room for specific tasks and purposes.


Safety is an important aspect of a business model, especially a home-based venture. If you’re planning to go into business for yourself, have a plan for conducting meetings in a safe manner. Use virtual meeting software and specific strategies to prevent illness spread for your in-person gatherings.


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