A Fall Bucket List (for Broke People)

A Fall Bucket List (for Broke People)

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While I was scrolling Pinterest today I ran across a pin with the title "Fall Bucket List Ideas for Broke People" and of course I had to check it out. Tatanisha at www.freshouttatime.com published a great bucket list for broke people with tips and ideas on how to enjoy the season and not break the bank.

To me, fall is less hurried and more relaxing than any of the other seasons and many of these ideas emphasize that slower pace. They are also things families can do together and still maintain this social distancing period we find ourselves in. Many of my favorite fall things to do are on this list. I love dressing up in costumes,

making chili and baking cookies and the way my house smells from the fall candles. My fall wreath is out and my pumpkins (uncarved) are on the porch. Now if it weren't 85 degrees outside, I'd be set!

What about you? What are your favorite fall things to do?

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