What's your style?

What's your style?

Hey y'all! Can you believe February is almost over? January seemed to have lasted forever but February has gone by in a flash! And as we welcome March with open arms, we are also welcoming a new season. If you're like me, new season=new décor. Yay!

Changing out your décor with the seasons can be really uplifting especially since many of us are spending so much time at home. It helps you to see your home with fresh eyes and to love the space you're in. But it is important to keep your changes within the style of your home. Not keeping it all in the same style or at least one that's complementary will make your home seem disjointed and feel off. No matter how cute that beachy arrangement looks in the store, it will never look right on your formal dining room table.

So how do you know what your style is? You can search through Pinterest and pin all the things. You can watch Fixer Upper and imitate Joanna (and who doesn't love Joanna!). Or you can check out the Interior Design Quiz by Michaela Diane Designs. https://michealadianedesigns.com/interior-design-style-quiz/

It's very quick (I finished in about 30 seconds) and it is very accurate. I'm Modern Farmhouse which came as no surprise to me. Her site is great and she has some really good design ideas, and free printables too.

I'd love to know what your style is so post it in the comments. If you'd like a free spring design suggestion sheet with shopping links based on your style, send me an email. I can't wait to hear from you!

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